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  • eWay Payment Gateway for Kentico
    • 3/08/2011
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    eWay Payment Gateway for Kentico

    By Carly Lyddiard, in Web Development

    As many of our clients use eWay as a payment gateway, we've developed a Kentico payment gateway wrapper for the eWay .NET API.


    It has been tested with Kentico 5.5R2 only and makes use of the App_code technique described in Martin Hejtmanek's blog post. Using Kentico 6? Don't worry! We have an eWay payment gateway for Kentico 6 too.


    • App_code implemented. All source files supplied (no binaries).
    • In-built support for running the payment gateway in test mode without the need for an eWay account (using test credit card number only).
    • Runs off Kentico site settings. You can manage gateway settings globally for Kentico or per site


    What's included in this download:

    • readme.txt: installation instructions
    • sqlscript.sql: SQL script to initialise the Settings as part of installation
    • App_Code files
      • the .NET API from Web Active Corporation's eWay Connector, single standard payment only (no recursive payments etc)
      • the Kentico eWay payment gateway class developed by Get Started
    • Payment gateway control files for use with Kentico's shopping cart
    • LGPL licence file

    Licence, Cost, Support

    We've decided to provide the eWay payment gateway for Kentico for free under LPGL without support or warranty. 


    To download, click the link below and Pay with a Tweet.

  • Comments

      Hi there. Any ideas on how to implement this on V6?
      Some of the code came through but it doesnt appear on the payment methods when using the checkout process.
      28/12/2011 9:41:33 AM
      Adam Griffith
      Hi Steve

      We will be upgrading the code to version 6 in the next few months.

      3/01/2012 10:03:48 PM
      Pre download screen says v6 is supported.

      But still not working on V6 - payment method not appearing in drop down list.
      14/04/2012 1:21:02 PM
      Good afternoon, I have recently download your eWay Payment Gateway, and am trying to implement it into a Kentico 6 Ecommerce website. You mention in the other comments that you will be upgrading the code in the next few months. Has any progress been made on this?

      In step 3 you talk about,

      3. Add the following switch item to App_Code/Global/CMS/CMSCustom.cs in the GetCustomClass method:

      Do you know if this file exists in version 6 of the software?

      Or have you had any luck installing it on a 6 site?

      Thank you
      1/06/2012 10:15:44 PM
      Great payment gateway :-)
      5/07/2012 11:46:23 PM
      Carly Lyddiard
      Hi guys!

      I'm please to announce we've now published a Kentico 6 compatible version of the eWay payment gateway:

      Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.

      19/07/2012 5:23:23 PM

      Does this work on the latest v7.0? Thanks.
      29/11/2012 4:02:21 PM
      Andy Thompson

      We haven't tested it in v7.0 yet, sorry. I can't see any major reason it wouldn't work. Feel free to give it a go and let us know! Otherwise we'll update this page as soon as we've released a V7 certified version. :)

      3/12/2012 11:17:24 AM
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